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As the most experienced partner with the most successful Workday implementations in the DACH region, our German-speaking team is at your side. You benefit from our partnership approach and expertise, not only during implementation. At the same time we enable you to administer the system independently and together we create solutions that work for you.

As the cloud-based HR and finance management system of the future, Workday offers you the opportunity to transform your business processes into the digital era. Regular free releases ensure that you always have access to the latest functions – even on the road via app.


Workday offers the right solution for everyone. Whether at the beginning of your Workday journey or right in the middle of it, we at Mercer will walk the path with you. In partnership. Goal-oriented. Fair.

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Support Services

No matter whether you want to further develop your Workday System, need assistance in preparing for a new release or want to outsource the entire support infrastructure - we are the right partner at your side.

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Next Level Solutions

Workday continues to evolve and we are already prepared for the future. Here you will find all information about Workday Cloud Platform, which already offers you a real added value.

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Beyond Cloud Services

A Workday project consists of more than just software implementation. Together with you, we look beyond the horizon and support you, for example, in the areas of works council, testing, training and change management - all from one source.

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Workday offers the right solution for every company. Whether you are a large or medium-sized company, at the beginning of your Workday journey or right in the middle of it – we at Mercer will go the extra mile with you. In partnership. Goal-oriented. Fair.

Are you a large or medium-sized company and looking for an implementation partner? Then you will find the most important information below depending on the size of your company

Large companies (more than 3,500 employees)

Are you a large enterprise and ready for your journey to a cloud-based HCM solution? Then let us start together. With our many years of experience, we can help you to implement Workday according to your needs and contribute to HR transformation. We introduce you to the system at an early stage and support you in making the right decisions. During the project, we work with you in a spirit of partnership and at eye level. Our goal? That in the end you are proud of the new system and satisfied with the journey.Interested? Feel free to contact us, we will tell you more!

Medium-sized company (between 500 - 3,500 employees)

You are a medium-sized company and think that Workday is only suitable for the ``very big ones``? You think wrong, because with the Workday ``Launch`` approach the implementation is tailored to your needs. Preconfigured packages and a fixed price model guarantee that the system will be ready within a few months. We, as a long-standing Workday partner, know your requirements and will help you to get started and provide you with comprehensive support.Interested? Feel free to contact us, we will tell you more!

Extension of your present Workday Portfolio

You are already a Workday customer and want to expand your portfolio? Not only will we help you find the right solution for you, but as a long-standing Workday partner we also have extensive experience and expertise in implementation. Our experts help you to optimize your Workday Tenant and to integrate new functional areas into the existing structure in an optimal way.

Interested? Feel free to contact us, we will tell you more!

Workday Support Services

Are you planning a Workday project or are you in one?

Workday Readiness

We prepare you extensively for a workday introduction and define the basics with you: Such as the job architecture, the target operating model or compensation grading. We thus set the prerequisites for a successful implementation.

Project Support

We are the perfect partner, offering you a range of consulting, process optimization and integration with other systems from a single source.

Individual Workshops & Trainings

Whether basic or specific training, we conduct individual training and Foundation Workshops tailored to your needs and with you. And that also in German.

You are before or already in an ongoing Workday project and need more support in defining processes, test and training strategy and implementation?

If you have already successfully completed a Workday implementation, we are the right partner for a holistic support and assistance of your system. The AMS (Application Management Services) includes the improvement, further development and user support of Workday.

You have already completed your Workday project?

Post Deployment Support

Workday has been implemented and is already proving its worth in the everyday life of your employees? Nevertheless, you see a need for optimization and would like assistance in the administrative area? With our profound Workday knowledge we help you to solve challenges after go-live in the best possible way and to improve your system continuously.

Release & Enhancement Consulting

Anything is possible?

Our exceptional number of product leads, compared to the rest of the market, informs you early on about the innovations of upcoming workday releases, for example through our German-language webinars. This enables you to make the most of Workday's potential and establish it in your organization.

Data Structure and Optimization

A system is only as good as its data. You need guidance in improving your data quality? Your administrators are already experts, but changing master data is more difficult than expected? Here too, we will be happy to assist you as an experienced Workday Partner.

Reporting, Analytics and Planning

In addition to standardized reports and dashboards, we can help you develop individual solutions for managers, HR or employees and use Workday for detailed HCM and FIN analyses.

In addition, our Workday Prism experts can help you incorporate data and information from third-party systems into your solutions.

Our Adaptive Insights experts help you to effectively map corporate and HR planning in Workday.

Workday Extend

Workday Extend allows us for the first time to access proven Workday technology to build smart applications and extensions tailored to your individual needs.

Together with you as our customer we create new possibilities for using Workday.

Best Practice Process Library

„Do you have a recommendation for us?“ „How do the others do it?“ We hear this in most design workshops. You as a customer would like to benefit from our experience and we would like to share it with you.

Therefore we bring our best practices into the project if desired. This is a collection of processes that have been established and shown to be a common standard with both our major and also our small customers. On this basis your requirements can be discussed more easily.

Integration Templates

At the beginning of our own journey with Workday all integrations were new for us as well. We developed them together with our customers and implemented them already successfully.

Meanwhile we have a wealth of experience in connecting Workday to other systems (for example sdworx / ADP / ATOSS / SAP) and other accounting, time and master data systems.

This proven experience has been implemented in our Integration Templates, which serve us as a basis for a time and cost saving deployment.

Beyond the Cloud

We at Mercer have a passion for Workday, and we cannot and will not hide it. In order to inspire you with our passion as well, we also look behind the scenes of the “Cloud”. We support and advise you on many other implementation topics. Whether in discussions with the works council or in employee communication and empowerment within the scope of change management activities – we know what is important and which other topics are relevant to make your implementation a complete success.

We are offering you our services in the following areas:

Works Council

We help to involve and train the works council in the processes at an early stage and help, for example, to draw up works agreements so that the interests of the employees can be represented in the best possible way. And that even in German...


Are you just about to start your project or are you in the middle of the end-to-end test phase and would like to prepare your future administrators comprehensively for the work in Workday? No matter if basic or specific training, we conduct individual trainings and Foundation Workshops tailored for and with you. And that also in German.

Change Management

The implementation of a new HR system means a big change and offers many opportunities in the context of the upcoming digitalization of HR - for the employees and the company. We support you in topics regarding communication, participation and leadership and help in dialogue to create an accepted workday solution.

Workday Readiness

We prepare you for a workday implementation and define the basics with you: such as the job architecture, the target operating model or compensation grading. Thus we set the foundation for a successful implementation.


Testing plays a significant role in a successful workday implementation.

In the project itself, however, tests are often dynamic and individual. Therefore we strongly believe that testing cannot be fully automated. Because most of the time, test tools lose the possibility to empower and increase acceptance.

Based on our experience, we have developed smart and partially automated test scenarios that allow you to test efficiently and provide orientation and security.


You would like to know Workday and our project approach? Or are you curious about special topics such as data gathering and functional areas that you would like to include in your Workday system?

Then take part in our webinars, which we offer tailor-made for our customers and new customers.


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