Start into the era of digitization for DAW
The transition from SAP HR to Workday

Facts & figures about the project

  • Approximately 5,600 employees
  • Worldwide locations
  • Phase I – Implementation of Workday in Germany with the functional areas HCM Core, Core Compensation, Advanced Compensation, Recruiting, Absence and Integrations
  • Phase II – Rollout of HCM and Core Compensation in Italy, France, and Spain + Talent & Performance Implementation in Germany
  • Ongoing optimization and support of further country rollouts

Initial Situation

  • Transformation from SAP HR to Workday
  • Change from on-premise to a cloud system
  • Complex individualized processes that have grown over the years with only one person as central knowledge carrier

Approach and services

  • The standardized Mercer 5 phase methodology (Plan, Architect, Configure & Prototype, Test, Deploy) was applied in this project.
  • Interactive workshops and a strong team on both sides laid the corner stone for the Workday implementation
  • In two test phases we developed it further, so that a successful go live could take place

Project results and summary

  • Successful and fast go live for Germany and further smart rollouts in phase II and beyond
  • Broad distribution of knowledge within the organization through the Mercer Knowledge Transfer Sessions

It was an exciting transformation from an on-premise system to the Workday Cloud solution.

The factors for success

  • Highly motivated team
  • Dealing in a spirit of partnership
  • Equal understanding through Mercer’s DACH expertise
  • Training and on-site meetings in the second test phase of phase I
  • Consider challenges in a solution-oriented manner

We analyzed the market for potential implementation partners in search of a partner who could support us in our implementation process. We needed someone who really understood Workday, our processes, our culture and language and could help us bring HR into the cloud. That’s where Mercer came in. Working with the Mercer team is great fun. They helped us replace our previous HCM system and seamlessly integrate Workday into our existing HR IT infrastructure. Working with Mercer feels like a true partnership. We both strive for the same goal and are very proud of the result.


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