Freudenberg Group

Workday Implementation

Facts & figures about the project

  • global technology company
  • consisting of 10 business groups
  • about 50,000 employees
  • in about 60 countries
  • turnover of more than 9.4 billion euros in 2019

Our Workday Implementation at a glance:

  • Global approach across all business groups and process harmonization for 60 countries
  • Duration: 15 months (Feb 2019-May 2020)
  • Team: 17 -20 members on Mercer | Realright site

Initial Situation

  • First global rollout of an HR IT system for the entire Freudenberg Group
  • So far no global reporting or analytics available
  • Big challenge for 50,000 employees to collect and consolidate data while still ensuring data protection
  • Target: To replace the existing local HR processes and systems in the area of HCM and Talent Management worldwide.

Approach and services

  • Big Bang approach across the entire Freudenberg Group with the functional areas HCM, Compensation, Advanced Compensation, Talent & Performance, Reporting and Integration
  • Change Management and Communication Support by our Promerit colleagues from Business Transformation
  • Use of the regular Workday Deployment Methodology
  • Clear elaboration of special customer wishes and requirements in order to be able to design our offer and project exactly to the customer (e.g. increased data support)
  • Clearly defined guiding principles to set the right priorities in the project

Project results and summary

  • Planned technical go live on 21.04.2020
  • Completion of the project and end of the Hypercare Phase on 26.05.2020
  • Project was implemented without delays

With realistic project planning, clearly defined goals, the right contacts in the team and strong decision makers, such a large project can be completed in high quality, budget and on time.

The factors for success

  • All technical experts from the business groups were involved in the project from the very beginning (HR, IT, data protection).
  • Quick and clear decisions at Freudenberg
  • Clear governance structures and communication within the Group
  • Strong decision makers and SMEs with sound knowledge in the core team
  • High quality standards
  • Courage to harmonize and orientation towards best practices
  • Trust in the implementation partner
  • Intensive and comprehensive testing of the configuration

For us at Freudenberg, it was the first global HR IT project involving all subgroups, in which we had to bring together a large number of requirements.  For this challenge, we were looking for a strong partner who could get us through this global project not only technically, but also professionally and methodically. Our choice fell on Mercer | Realright. A team, full of Workday passion, which seamlessly integrated into our team. With their professional and technical know-how, the colleagues laid a very good foundation for a successful project. With realistic project planning, clearly defined goals, a good communication structure, the right contacts and strong decision makers, we achieved high quality and were able to complete the project on time and with high acceptance.


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