Schwäbisch Media

Workday Implementation
When Mercer|Realright was called out to help…

Facts & figures about the project

Workday was configured at Schwäbisch Media initial (HCM, Compensation, Absence, Integrations, Expenses, Recruiting) by another deployment partner. During the deployment, it became apparent that the expertise required in DE regarding Compensation, Absence and Expenses, as well as the integrations common here, could not be fully covered by the initial deployment partner.

Therefore, Mercer|Realright was asked in January 2018 to conduct a review of the implementation and carry out possible optimizations or localizations. This resulted in a complete optimization for Recruiting, Integrations and Absence, as well as one of the SDWorx Payroll interface. The functional area Time Tracking was newly implemented.

In addition, great importance was attached to the empowerment of the customer team, so that in a later project the areas “Advanced Compensation” and “Learning” could be configured in a coaching approach. Here, 60% to 70% of the work is carried out by Schwäbisch Media and Mercer provides support.

Initial situation

Primarily, it was about stabilizing the Workday implementation, as well as empowering the employees to configure functional areas themselves in a later stage.

Approach and services

Optimization of the existing implementation, as well as introduction of new functional areas by Mercer|Realright and by employees of Schwäbisch Media.

In terms of methodology, Mercer’s consultants listened a lot and carried out a needs analysis. Furthermore, the pain points of the initial deployment were recorded and solutions were developed. Based on this, we decided together which functional areas should be optimized and which should be additionally configured (Time Tracking, Advanced Compensation, Learning) and the implementation was started and completed quickly.

Project results and summary

All functional areas were optimised, new functional areas were implemented and the Schwäbisch Media employees were enabled to use and enhance Workday independently.

The joint project work with Mercer led to a significant optimisation of Workday at Schwäbisch Media. The employees were also able to become more familiar with the system and are now experts in Workday configuration. The dependence on external consultants was completely eliminated.Through the coaching approach of Mercer|Realright, Schwäbisch Media has largely developed Workday on its own and thus built up a high level of internal expertise in addition to the Workday Pro certifications.

The factors for success

  • Consulting at “eye level”
  • Partnership approach
  • German speaking consultants
  • Broad understanding of customer needs
  • High level of expertise at Mercer for the functional areas included in Scope

Following our initial Workday implementation, we approached Mercer|Realright to evaluate opportunities to optimize our system and implement best practices. We were able to realize our desire for German-speaking consultants, geographical proximity to our partner as well as competence, reliability and quality by choosing Mercer|Realright. In the spirit of partnership we were able to master the challenge of optimizing existing configurations and implement new functionalities of Workday according to our requirements. Mercer|Realright provided us with excellent support in process design and openly advised us at all times about the possibilities and best practices for the functionalities. As a result, solutions for the best possible use of the system were achieved. In addition, the constant responsibility of the contact persons was another positive element for us, which we had never experienced before.


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