CHT Germany GmbH

Smart HR with Character

Facts & figures about the project

  • Based in Tübingen, Germany
  • Worldwide company group focusing on special chemicals used as function generators, auxiliary materials and additives for industrial processes.
  • With nearly 2,200 staff members employed by 25 companies, we are very close to our customers on every market.
  • Together with our representatives we provide our products and services in over 120 countries on every continent.
  • Workday Launch Project
  • 14 consultants involved from Mercer|Realright
  • Deployed in 5 months
  • Main focus were Germany and Switzerland
  • Change Management support by CHT and Mercer|Promerit

Initial Situation

Initially, CHT was looking for a Recruiting solution but quickly realized, that more than Recruiting was required, to deliver a digital HCM solution to all its employees. Therefore, CHT chose to implement Workday within the CHT Group, to have one single HCM master data system.

Approach and services

CHT decided to implement Workday Launch within the CHT Group. The modules were HCM, Absence, Recruiting, Talent & Performance and Integrations. In addition, the project was supported through dedicated change management and communication support. In the second phase of the project, Succession Management and Workday Learning were deployed as well.

CHT was looking for an experienced consultancy, which could guide the CHT Group with best practices and broad experiences through the project.

Project results and summary

Due to Mercer|Realrights best practice deployment, CHT was able to implement a standardized Workday solution within the Group. Thanks to an efficient and effective collaboration, the Project was deployed 15% below the estimated budget.

Overall, CHT has implemented an extensive Workday suite in less than 10 months, with a high expertise within the organization and broad user acceptance within the group.

The factors for success

  • Using Workday standard processes and our consulting experience
  • Extensive Change Management and communications support
  • CHT established internal Workday expertise, to use the system as much as possible


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