13 Okt

A new city, a new flat, a new job: the night before the first day at work is usually very short for most people and the same is true for me. I was already able to get to know the office during my job interview, but would the new colleagues really be as friendly as promised? Corporate culture really as open, the tasks as exciting and varied, as had been mentioned in the job description?

I started my first day at 10 AM in Frankfurt. I was warmly welcomed by everyone in the office together with two other new colleagues. The team really took a lot of time for our welcome. The whole day was already planned out: handover and support with setting up all electronic devices, collective lunch, information concerning internal sports offers and a lot more. I got the feeling that our new colleagues were really looking forward to our joining the company, and were shown appreciation right away. Plus all the little present waiting for us on the desks specifically reserved for us in the flexible office.

The following days were also planned out in advance. I was able to take part in a customer sales call and internal meetings from day two. On Wednesday, I traveled to Munich in order to meet the colleagues there. The atmosphere here was less euphoric and more relaxed, which I really appreciated after the exciting first days in Frankfurt. I immediately felt like I belonged here. Next to being taught very professionally on how to use the local master coffee maker, I was also introduced to Workday and was given my first work assignments. The collective lunch break took place in Bavarian fashion – in the beer garden located next to the office.

In the following week, the new colleagues and I undertook a funny trip to a photo studio, customer appointments and more onboarding workshops. There was always a lot to do, but never too much for me to handle. Not long afterwards, I went to Amsterdam in order to study for my Workday HCM Core certificate, which I had anticipated longingly. On the day of my flight to Amsterdam, I first took a plane from Düsseldorf to Munich in order to take part in our internal Jour Fixe. Unfortunately, I missed the team dinner, as I was on my way to the Netherlands by that time.

So, you might ask whether my new colleagues really are as friendly, corporate culture is as open and the tasks are as exciting as promised. Having worked at Realright GmbH for a month now, I can affirm all of these points. I perceived my time here as very pleasant. Of course, I am not here to relax, but to work and work is definitely quite exciting here. I am happy to have found an employer challenging and supporting their employees, while operating in a very innovative and promising area. But now enough praise, my colleagues are waiting. Today, we’ll have lunch on the river Main, taking the corporate boat for a trip to the local Döner boat.