14 Sep

Last week, I attended my first two workshops regarding absence in Workday. I was very nervous beforehand, even though my preparation was quite intensive. In my previous job, I had only had the chance to get to know Workday from the customer’s point of view. Therefore, it was quite unusual for me to see a project like this from the other side.

Prior to the workshop, I had downloaded all available resources on absence from the Workday Community and also read through all online material on the topic. Furthermore, I carried out some example configurations in our testing system to remind myself of how to do what we learned during our Workday absence training course.

In addition, I also met up with my other absence certified colleague in order to discuss our plan for the workshop and our workshop approach. My colleague was very calm and confident due to his long lasting project experience, which was quite helpful.

However, I was still a bit insecure due to not knowing what exactly to expect. In the evening prior to the first workshop we explored the unknown city to which we had travelled that afternoon. The nice weather and great food finally calmed me down for the big day.

When the day finally arrived I was more relaxed and the customer’s representatives received us quite warmly. The moment I started the presentation and demonstration, my nervousness was all but gone and my interest for the customer specifications regarding absence prevailed. We deep-dived into the topic of absence and covered everything from vacation to sabbaticals.

We received great feedback from our customer, allowing us to travel to the next city with confidence and a good feeling. The next absence workshop, which was held the following day, proceeded quite smoothly, which just proves that good preparation and simultaneous flexibility, as well as great colleagues can resolve anything. I am now already looking forward to the next workshop!