14 Sep

And we’re off! We have now successfully launched our internal project Workday @ Promerit (aka project WEED – Work Effectively Every Day) .

Everyone at Promerit is looking forward to Workday – especially when thinking about fulfilling some of the project goals like “user friendliness” “saving time” and “fit for the future”. At the same time we – the Realright Team – are looking forward to supporting a very challenging customer: our Promerit AG colleague, who after all are consultants themselves with expert knowledge of HCM systems, like SAP, SuccessFactors, Taleo and Umantis.

Promerit has made the decision to go live with the Workday modules HCM Core, Compensation, Recruiting, Talent & Performance, Time & Absence, Expenses and PSA (Project Management) in early 2017. The Realright GmbH, a subsidiary of the Promerit AG, is in the lead for implementing the system, but we are all actively supported by our Promerit colleagues. Several systems are to be consolidated – according to the “Power of One”, which is one of Workday’s guiding principles. This represents an additional benefit of an HCM system and will also reduce the complexity of maintenance going forward.

Thus, Promerit will follow in the footsteps of many of our customers and will transfer personnel data and processes into the cloud. At the same time, this will provide an opportunity to critically review Promerit’s processes: What does modern Performance Management look like in our eyes? How do we want to provide feedback?

We are looking forward to this exciting project and will keep you posted on our Progress!