04 Okt

Great news from Workday Rising last week (announced 27th September 2016): Workday and Microsoft have agreed on a global partnership, which already makes us at Realright dream about the future of work.

As stated in the official press release, the integration will facilitate organizational management drastically, as any changes to organizations in Workday will automatically update this in Office 365 as well. This means that emails, calendars and shared documents will not have to be touched by the IT Department after an organizational change, as is the case in most companies today.

This means that Workday customers, just like Promerit AG, will spend less time on administration and maintenance and concentrate more on analyzing how/with whom/how often employees   communicate and collaborate internally. Insights like these are very valuable and will surely be used to come up with even greater concepts for communication, collaboration and work efficiency.

The integrations between both systems are to go live beginning Q2 2017 and we can just imagine some other useful purposes, such as improving the use of SharePoint and facilitating Yammer, which all belong to the Office 365 range, and are being used within Promerit for collaborating and sharing information between colleagues. We really cannot wait until next year!