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With united strength we accompany organizations on the way to the digital future with Workday. With people in focus.

We are proud to be part of the Mercer Group with our parent company Promerit in January 2018. Mercer’s international presence and Realright’s innovative workday expertise open up new opportunities for our customers to prepare themselves for the digital future. The Promerit approach to human-centered digitization has received a lot of positive response lately, especially in the workday community. People & Digital is the combination that makes organizations successful. his is what enables companies and employees likewise to unlock the opportunities of digitization. Digital culture, digital skills, comprehensive workday expertise and a new world of work are our contribution.
Promerit, Realright and Mercer share the same passion for people management, values ​​and passion for the success of our customers.


Kai Anderson
Partner & Member of the Board
+49 (0)69 50 50 08 – 600