05 Aug

When I got up in the morning and walked the 20 minutes from my hotel to the training center I was quite excited. I was pretty sure I’d be able to handle the training well, but still I definitely had first day jitters.

Having arrived at the training center, I signed in, gathered my books, name tag, and water bottle and sat down next to one of my fellow class mates. After a quick introduction round, we dove into the core concepts of workday. The first day passed in a blur of heaps of information and a few coffee breaks that didn’t really seem to give anyone’s brains enough time to catch up. Clearly the motto this week would be “no rest for the wicked”. After class I went for a quick run and got to enjoy the fact that the European Workday Training Center is in Amsterdam, and then started in on the homework assigned and a quick revision of the first day.

Four days followed in quick succession to the first with more information coming in every day.
On Friday we got our weekend assignment and where grouped into teams. The activity consisted in manually building a company structure in workday, using all elements we had talked about during the previous four days of class.
My team decided to come up with a concept on Friday to be able to really start working on Saturday. We quickly powered through the requirements and drew up our concept and left with a good feeling of having gotten off to a good start.
The next day we started in on actually configuring the system. We made good progress and everyone in the team was able to contribute some elements of what we needed to build our company. This exercise really helped us understand what was taught in the first four days and gave us a chance to internalize the knowledge through helping one another and discovering typical problems and troubleshooting tactics together.

The weekend activity gave me the confidence to more easily follow the next training days and finally the big test day arrived on Thursday.

After completing a theoretical test, we started in on the practical.  When I had completed both I was relieved that those exhausting hours had gone well and very excited to know that soon I would be able to help my Realright colleagues on real-life Workday projects!